Format: Reality mini-documentary, half-hour made of two 11 minute per-chef segments. Segments, bumpers and feature length are all available.
Log Line: Ambitious chefs open their humble home kitchens to an itinerant journalist and reveal the inspiration, aggravation and aspiration that spur a city’s culinary scene. 
Series Synopsis: “So, what do you make at home?” is the primary question we ask the creative and hard-driving chefs who appear on Chef Who?. Do they experiment at the edges of their current menu? Try something exotic on a whim from halfway around the world? Or do the long and grueling restaurant hours leave little more than interest in a ham sandwich and a bag of chips? Knocking on a chef’s door with booze, questions and a willingness to go wherever the food leads is a proven recipe for entertainment. Chef Who? goes there. 

We’re into food, but are not foodies; have taste, but don’t claim to be tastemakers. Chef Who? cuts through the fat to get to the personalities and real stories that make up chef life. It doesn’t take a professional kitchen to make a professional meal- it takes a hungry chef.
Our Host: Matt Bok is a journalist, writer and editor who recently returned to the U.S. after five years in London working for Bloomberg News. In the past year, he traveled through 23 countries, from the deserts of Jordan- to drink hot sweet tea with the Bedouin- to a mysterious address in Saigon, when a crumpled note found in a hangover turns out to be to the world’s greatest street-side pho stand. In journalism, traveling or food, nothing beats a good scoop- and it turns out the best stories are told in the kitchen.
Bok worked previously covered Washington, D.C. as a reporter covering government contracting, regulation and the White House. He’s also served as a waiter, bartender, industrial roofer, library mailroom clerk and minor league baseball player for four years before becoming a journalist. He holds a degree in economics from Notre Dame and a M.A. in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown.
Target Audience: 18 to 99 year-old hungry and curious free-spenders.