Bridge International / Compass
Director of Multimedia Production As a full-time staff member of the Bridge International team at Compass I was responsible for all content creation. This included producing long and short-form video content, animations, photography, publishing content to social media as well as running and tracking published ad campaigns. In this role I directed, wrote, shot and edited for all the video productions and designed and created motion graphics.
Chef Who?
written by Matt Bok and Nicholas Flandro directed by Nicholas Flandro Format: Reality mini-documentary, 11 minute chef segments. Log Line: Ambitious chefs open their humble home kitchens to an itinerant journalist and reveal the inspiration, aggravation and aspiration that spur a city’s culinary scene.
Andrew LeMay Cox
Andrew LeMay Cox - artist and creator Nicholas Flandro - director and editor "Cry Baby Cry" by the Beatles performed and arranged by Ramsey Lewis
Ceres Coin
Todd Van Horne - creative director, copywriter, voiceover talent Nicholas Flandro - art director, animator, music composer, illustrator
Donut Fest
Promotional video for Donut Fest directed by Nicholas Flandro
Bruno Surdo
created by Bruno Surdo directed by Nicholas Flandro
Public Housing Unit
Social media trailer for the pilot of "Public Housing Unit". edited by Nicholas Flandro original music by Nicholas Flandro
Chicago Media Angels
Sizzle reel for the Chicago Media Angels highlighting their projects and productions. Nicholas Flandro - editor
Mac & Mia
Examples of video produced for social media. Mac & Mia is a curated children’s clothing service.
Northwestern Medicine
Examples of social media video produced for Northwestern Medicine with Laughlin Constable. Jon Laughlin - creative director Anna Curtis & Jon Laughlin - copywriters Nicholas Flandro - art director & producer
Wilson Racket Customizer (spec)
Speculative video sample created for a pitch. The final video would be screened at a booth demoing Wilson's new racket customizer at the 2017 US Open. Nicholas Flandro - art director & editor Maria Terziski - producer
Jo Ann Daugherty
Promotional videos for pianist Jo Ann Daugherty produced and released in conjunction with the release of her album Bring Joy.. directed ny Nicholas Flandro
Daniel Villarreal
performance by Daniel Villarreal directed and recorded by Nicholas Flandro
Thomas Mazzulla - creative drector and videographer Nicholas Flandro - editor
Working with the agency 16 Digital we produced this :15 social media spot for BreatheAmerica using stock photos and creating a sneeze-based rendition of Jingle Bells. creative director - Todd Van Horne art director - Nicholas Flandro music by Nicholas Flandro
David Bachmann
Three paperback cover designs for two collections of short stories and a novel.
La Grange Citizens' Council
Beth Augustine - writer & producer Nicholas Flandro - director of photography & editor
Sears Optical
:15 tv spot created and produced by Sponge Brands for Sears Optical Paul Brourman - creative director Patrick Hoopes - copywriter Nicholas Flandro - art director
Wolfschmidt (speculative)
Speculative print campaign for Wolfschmidt vodka. "Maintain" David Bachmann - copywriter Nicholas Flandro - art director & copywriter
Speculative print ad campaign for Kumon learning centers. Arthur Tanimoto - copywriter Nicholas Flandro - art director
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